We conduct over 100 planning and feasibility studies annually. Whether you are just exploring a campaign, or you have plans in place and want to gather additional feedback on your goals from key stakeholders, we can help you ask the right questions, engage the right people, and identify the right way forward.

A well-designed and executed campaign planning and feasibility study will provide you with a roadmap to achieve your goals. Through a study, we help you conduct a deep dive into your organisation, your donors, and your community by collecting both quantitative data and qualitative feedback and information.

Our planning and feasibility studies answer the following questions, among others:

Do the projects we want to fund resonate with our supporters?

Through strategic conversations and electronic surveys with your constituents, we help you test a case for support that excites your community.

What should my fundraising goal be?

Our experts use quantitative and qualitative data to determine an attainable yet ambitious fundraising goal.

Who will support the campaign? Where can I find our best prospective supporters?

We can do a deep dive into your donor database to identify potential supporters and existing supporters that have more capacity to give. In partnership with our Data Analytics team, we can also use your donor data and predictive modeling to analyse past donor behaviors, examine giving histories and portfolios, and understand fundraising trends to segment your existing donors and identify new prospects.

Who in our inner circle can play a leadership role in this campaign?

Strong leadership and a dedicated team of volunteers are essential to successful fundraising initiatives. We will work with you to identify and engage qualified and willing external volunteer leaders who will prioritise and champion your cause among their network.

We’ve identified our goal, our prospects, our case for support, and our campaign leadership. How do we get started?

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Drawing from decades of successfully managing campaigns, we will provide you with a detailed plan that includes guidance on milestones, a timeline, budget and staff resourcing, and other important details.

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