On average, we manage more than 200 major capital, endowment, and comprehensive campaigns each year.

We are experts in campaign planning and management, leveraging both our 75 years of proven experience and our commitment to data-driven approaches and innovation.

We offer a range of partnership opportunities for ongoing counsel and tailor our level of support and service offerings to your needs. Most commonly, we provide a full-time Campaign Director for whom your project is their dedicated focus

Successful campaigns triumph in four key areas: case, leadership, prospects, and plan.

Create and communicate your case for support

Working with your team, we will further develop a concise and compelling case for support and marketing documents that clearly outline the need, urgency, and impact of the effort.

Convening and guiding your key volunteer and staff leadership

Campaign leadership is essential to a successful campaign. We assist with identifying and recruiting internal and external leaders – such as your President/CEO, Vice President for Development, Campaign Chairs, and others – to form a Campaign Planning Task Force. This task force will serve as special counsel to your fundraising team. Together, we will work with the task force and with you to answer and execute on high-level strategic questions and priorities.

Identifying prospects and creating donor cultivation strategies

In addition to helping you identify and segment donors, we design specific plans and strategies for each of your top prospects including cultivation strategies, the best solicitation team, recognition opportunities, timing, request amounts, and overall approach.

Finalizing the campaign plan

We will develop a new or build upon an existing campaign plan which will include budget, organizational charts, staffing solutions goals and benchmarks, tables of gifts, campaign communication strategies, a calendar of cultivation events, and more.

We will be your accountability partners throughout the entirety of our engagement by monitoring and tracking activity benchmarks weekly, monthly, and quarterly – and adjusting when necessary.

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