Our greatest point of pride is that more than 90 percent of our business comes from repeat engagement and direct referrals.  The words and actions of the exceptional people with whom we collaborate are the most meaningful measure of our achievement and the first source we invite you to consult.

About CCS

CCS maintains the largest and most experienced permanent staff in the field. Our professional team includes executive consultants and resident campaign directors, as well as research, communication, planned giving, and campaign support personnel.

CCS campaigns generally cost institutions between three and eight cents per dollar raised including professional fees and operational expenses.

Ninety percent of CCS work represents repeat institutions or direct referrals. We take this as the highest compliment.


The CCS Difference

    Return on Investment. CCS’s record of success is unmatched.  Our clients are among the most recognizable brands in the non-profit world.  We are dedicated to achieving financial goals, but define success as something more: exponential growth and exceptional and measurable ROI.

    Outperformance. CCS campaigns consistently outperform, exceeding goals and building a platform for success. Further, CCS designs, directs and manages development initiatives in partnership with existing development staff, working closely together to strengthen development capacity and ongoing professional development and training of staff.

    Flexibility. CCS offers a flexible service model, specifically designed to meet the needs and culture of the organizations we serve.  The level of service provided can range from executive consultation to full-time, onsite counsel with fee structures that match the recommended model.

    Sustainability. CCS designs successful campaigns and development initiatives that build a foundation for future efforts, implementing systems and best practices that result in long-term sustainable growth.

    Added Value. A partnership with CCS provides the intense service of our professional team, along with the value added benefit of our marketing, prospect research, and customized learning services.

    Experience. Established in 1947, CCS has developed and implemented successful development initiatives for leading non-profits across all sectors and throughout the world.  The geographic and sector breadth of experience allows us a unique perspective unparalleled in the industry. As a well established firm, we instill confidence in non-profits positioned for transformational growth.

    Leadership. The CCS Leadership Team brings a wealth of experience to every partner engagement.  Every project CCS accepts is the full responsibility of a partner in the firm. Our leaders bring decades of direct experience and choose among our people to develop the right team for each project.  Your success is a matter of personal and professional pride.

    Professionalism. Our professionals bring energy, flexibility, intelligence, a strong work ethic, and a desire to succeed and make a difference.  These traits are developed through extensive learning experiences and resource-sharing.  Our people share their expertise and skills, creating a ripple effect throughout the organizations we serve.  CCS’ deep sense of corporate commitment to diversity in our industry ensures that our people come from a variety of both cultural and professional backgrounds.

    Achievable Recommendations. We work in partnership with the organizations we serve to help identify and clarify challenges and opportunities and provide solid recommendations and support, that are scalable and grounded in achievable goals.

    Independence. CCS is a highly respected privately held firm with a permanent staff, managed by nine partners, who collectively bring more than 250 years of experience to the firm.