Since our founding, CCS Fundraising has worked shoulder to shoulder with mission-based organizations aiming to bring communities together in faith. Learn more about our partnerships with religious institutions, including but not limited to those in the Catholic, Episcopal, and Jewish space.

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Insights from the Field: Stewardship at Primarily Hispanic Parishes

In this article, experts in working with primarily Hispanic parishes offer stewardship guidance, including: donor-driven decision making, volunteer engagement, digital connection, and proactive communication from pastors. Help parishioners grow in generosity and deepen in faith with these simple insights!

August 19, 2021

How are Jewish Organizations Meeting the Moment? An Advocacy and Culture Roundtable

Amid increases in antisemitism and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Jewish advocacy and culture nonprofits are called to meet the moment in unprecedented ways. Tune in to hear from CCS experts and guest speakers who discuss timely topics influencing Jewish philanthropy.

April 22, 2021 1:00 pm REGISTER

Religious Organization Spotlight: CCS Philanthropic Climate Survey, 4th Edition

This special report spotlights the 68 Religious Organization responses from CCS’s fourth-edition Philanthropic Climate Survey.

January 31, 2021