CCS Fundraising has a robust history of partnering with institutions dedicated to the health and wellbeing of the communities they serve. We bring expertise in fundraising operations, major gift and donor cultivation strategies, and change management to maximize the ROI on fundraising investments.

Our partnerships include the full spectrum of healthcare organizations:

With long-standing relationships in this space, we understand the unique needs of independent healthcare organizations, matrixed healthcare systems, and everything in between.

CCS is the only agency I know with the courage and curiosity to partner with us on innovating a new kind of study.  Our leadership awareness study prepared key donors, informed our board, and offered a road map for our strategy.  It gave us confidence to imagine a bigger circle of investors and insight into how to speak to them.  We’ll be living the study’s outcome for years to come.

Dyan Sublett, President, MLK Community Health Foundation

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Resources for Healthcare Leaders


Dos and Don’ts of Healthcare Collaborations and Mergers

Healthcare mergers are undertaken to create synergies and economies of scale among hospitals and foundations alike by expanding operations and cutting costs. Managing the process effectively can expand the donor pool, attract prominent philanthropic leaders, and encourage larger gifts. Navigating the process to avoid the pitfalls of poor planning, muddled communications, and competitive leadership is the key to success.

August 26, 2021

Making the Case for Investment in Philanthropy to C-Suite Leadership at Health Organizations

The return on investment for philanthropic activity is unparalleled for healthcare organizations. Learn more about how to make a case for investment in philanthropy to your C-suite executive leadership.

February 12, 2021

Healthcare Giving Landscape

This infographic contains the most recent data on American charitable giving to the Health sector.

September 8, 2021