Environmental philanthropy looks very different today than it did just ten years ago. The presence of grassroots movements is expanding. New sources of funding and donors are emerging and mega-gifts to environmental philanthropy are on the rise. More organizations than ever before are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion practices.
Join us to hear Mike Brune of the Sierra Club, Gladys Limon of the California Environmental Justice Alliance, and Sudha Nandagopal of Social Venture Partners International share their perspectives on trends and tensions in environmental philanthropy. The session will be facilitated by Katlyn Torgerson and Marcos Santiago of CCS Fundraising. We’ll explore how racial equity issues are being addressed by environmental organizations large and small, how philanthropic support for grassroots organizations is increasing and what that means for larger organizations, and how new sources of funding are influencing environmental philanthropy.
Social and human service institutions across the country received an influx of donors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. How might these organizations encourage donors to offer long-term mission support after making short-term crisis donations? Join CCS Fundraising and sector leaders as we share tools to transition these new donors into mission champions. We will use key findings from our recent survey, strategies we’ve found successful, the McKinsey Influence Model, and sector case studies to help you create a sustainable donor retention plan for your organization.
2020 and 2021 have been filled with personal and professional challenges for the Catholic community.  However, we often learn the most from the hardest things we encounter in life.  For the members of ICSC, the professionals at CCS and the individuals leading our nation’s diocesan, parish, school, and Catholic institution development offices, this has been true of the last 12 months.  Your collaboration and partnership have both reimagined and elevated Catholic Stewardship, communications, and fundraising across the country. ICSC and CCS are proud to collaborate on new ways to support your important work though a quarterly webinar series to showcase creative ideas and discuss innovations.  Please join us for the first session, where we’ll review trends in the Catholic sector and discuss peer successes and practical strategies for donor communications and annual appeal. Key takeaways from this session will include:
  • Innovations in major gift solicitation and annual appeal
  • Examples of enhanced digital communications
  • Strategies for integrating social media into your engagement plan
  • Approaches to turning donor engagement into a year-long conversation
March 2021 marks one year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, changing the world as we know it. This month is a natural point of reflection for many in the nonprofit community.
Join us on Tuesday, March 16 for an interactive conversation exploring notable trends, stories of perseverance and success, and what you can do now to elevate your fundraising. This 60-minute webinar will kick off with a brief presentation summarizing the latest data on the state of philanthropy, then transition to a robust audience question and answer session with CCS Managing Director Charlie Michaud and Corporate Vice President Ruyi Lu, moderated by Senior Director Maria Griffin. Have questions on the evolving philanthropic landscape and how your organization can set itself up for fundraising success? Share them when you register or live during the webinar!
Join the CCS team and a distinguished panel of Columbus, Ohio-area experts for a virtual convening around the region’s evolving philanthropic landscape. The session will feature findings from CCS Fundraising’s Philanthropic Climate Survey with real-time data from over 1,400 nonprofit leaders and donors. Speakers will discuss lessons learned, strategic adaptations, and the ways in which our communities are inspiring change during these extraordinary times.
With an education system that has had to pivot in unprecedented ways over the past several months, community colleges are in the national spotlight because of the unique value they offer amid the pandemic and social justice movement. Donors recognize the potential of community colleges to have unparalleled impact on local communities and businesses through inclusive scholarships, adjusted education programs, and enhanced learning environments. In this webinar series, CCS offers a contemporary spin on tried-and-true tools to help you formulate a plan, refine your case, analyze your prospects, engage board and staff leadership, and make impactful asks in 2021.
CCS’s executive leaders look back at an unprecedented year, discussing how philanthropy evolved in 2020 and how nonprofits can use lessons from 2020 as they develop 2021 fundraising strategies.