CCS is pleased to present the third edition of Perspectives on Catholic Fundraising, a magazine for executives, development officers, and anyone navigating the current healthcare philanthropic terrain.

We are pleased to present the third edition of Perspectives on Catholic Fundraising, a magazine for executives, development officers, and anyone navigating the current Catholic philanthropic terrain.

In this publication, our experts from the field report on pressing high-level challenges facing Catholic institutions today. These pieces will provide practical tools and actionable solutions to help bolster development programs of any size.

Within the magazine, you will find an infographic detailing the Catholic giving landscape, an accompanying analysis, case studies from some of our partner institutions, and the following articles:

5 Easy Steps Before Planning a Parish Campaign

Taking on a parish campaign of any size requires careful planning. Campaigns rarely fail in the middle or at the end. Success typically hinges on proper preparation prior to launching a major fundraising initiative.

How Adopting Technology Can Help Personalize Outreach

Technology is not meant to supplant personal encounters; it is meant to facilitate them. By incorporating technology into your communications and fundraising plans, you can reach out to a large audience of parishioners in ways that are both faster and more personal than previously imagined.

Considering an Increased Offertory Program for a Sustainable Future

If circumstances currently prevent your parish from conducting a large or extensive campaign, it would be wise to consider an alternative approach: conducting a campaign to increase weekly collections.

Three Keys to Implementing a Successful Giving Day Strategy

Executing a giving day strategy can be a useful tool to raise awareness and funds, as long as you make the right preparations and have reasonable and achievable goals.

Effective Leadership: Maximizing the Impact of Your Campaign Chairs

As a crucial leadership position, the campaign chair should be open to maximizing relationships to assist with major gift prospect visits.

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