This is undoubtedly an extraordinary period and, over the past few months, an increasingly challenging time for dioceses and parishes. Among the common challenges facing the Church include: reductions in weekly offertory, difficulty in administering gift collections, and uncertainty about how best to communicate with parishioners.

These five steps can be put into action now to address your immediate funding concerns:

1. Communication

Increase communication with parishioners using:

2. Calls to Action

Across all channels, include ‘calls to action,’ on the parish website and perhaps in the newsletter, include a letter from the parish priest seeking participation in a few different ways:

3. Rationale for Giving

Communicate the strong rationale for giving.

4. Giving Options

Ensure that parishioners are aware of their giving options which may include:

5. Special Updates

Consider a fortnightly update delivered by the parish priest or bishop – this could be done via social media, video conferencing etc to share:

CCS recently hosted a webinar discussing these tactics, as well as additional practical strategies for navigating the current situation.  You may be interested in listening to this complimentary webinar recording titled, Responding to COVID-19: Supporting Parishes & Dioceses. The recording and slides from the presentation are now available here.

CCS will continue to offer our perspectives and lessons learned from over seven decades of nonprofit advisory leadership. To access more tools that provide best practices and optimal strategies to help your organisation build a path forward through this crisis: visit our Resources for COVID-19 page.