Data is like magic. When used correctly, it can transform businesses and propel them to new heights. When used incorrectly—or worse, not at all—it can lead to stagnation or decline. Our team are the magicians who wield tools like AI as magic wands, helping us harness data’s true power.

A profile picture of Jaden Jefferson.

Jaden Jefferson is a lover of data, a passion he learned of during the pursuit of his B.A. in both Business Administration and Economics at McDaniel College. His career has been focused primarily around project management for data products, designing and planning data tables, and working collaboratively with stakeholders to deliver projects.

Previously, he worked as a Senior Specialist of Data Management at QPS LLC Holding. There, Jaden provided data to pharmaceutical companies around the world. Later, he worked as a contract Jr. Data Analyst at Comcast through Brooksource. At Comcast he tackled many projects that reshaped data tables and restructured data pipelines that impacted key parts of the business. At CCS he continues to tackle data as a Business Analyst. He is the initial point of contact for engagement of the Analytics team in client projects. He primarily ensures that data is delivered correctly to his teammates and provides all necessary initial material for a smooth partnership.

Currently, he resides in Newark, Delaware. He is a practitioner of martial arts, and can be found competing in matches, tournaments, and amateur fights on the weekends. His other hobbies include baking, cooking, reading, and video games. He is a lifetime member of a national service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, where he fully immersed himself in his passion for volunteering and doing work for the community. He has participated in a range of activities that span painting community centers to fundraising money for organizations and baking food for the elderly. Whether in big or small ways, he loves impacting those around him and strives to continue that behavior to this day.


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