Data, coupled with the transformative power of automation, not only illuminates businesses’ past, present, and future but also streamlines their journey towards remarkable efficiency and innovation.

A profile picture of Rupal Mittal.

Dr. Rupal Mittal is a dedicated advocate for leveraging data to drive impactful business strategies. With a distinguished background in data science and astrophysics, Rupal brings a unique blend of expertise and experience to her role as Lead Data Scientist at CCS Fundraising.

Rupal began her data science journey during her Ph.D. where she honed her analytical skills through investigating astrophysical phenomena using advanced mathematical and imaging techniques, fostering a deep appreciation for precise data analysis pivotal to her career. Rupal excels in conducting comprehensive data analysis, bridging the gap between theoretical concepts and practical applications of data science.

As the lead data scientist at CCS Fundraising, Rupal aspires to leverage her expertise in automating data analysis using state-of-the-art data science tools to optimize business practices. Her passion for DevOps practices ensures the seamless integration of cutting-edge data science solutions into operational workflows, thereby streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency.

In addition to her technical qualifications, Rupal is deeply committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in her work as well as personal environment. She recognizes the importance of creating a diverse and inclusive work environment to drive innovation and problem-solving.

Rupal holds a Ph.D. in Astrophysics from the Max Planck Institute of Radioastronomy in Bonn, Germany, along with a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Physics from the University of Delhi. Rupal is not only a passionate advocate for public transit but also embraces a car-lite lifestyle with her partner and two children in the city of Rochester, NY. Her daily routine reflects a rich blend of Indian, German, and American cultural influences, which she takes pride in incorporating into her family’s life.

Headquarters: New York

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