We are committed to fundraising excellence for all communities in the Catholic sector.

Spanish-speaking people now account for 40% of all Catholics

CCS has offered our services in over
15 languages

The percentage of Catholics from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds continues to grow. As we stay on the cutting edge of Catholic charitable giving, CCS Fundraising collaborates with leaders across cultural contexts to craft a unique plan for engaging and inspiring parishes, pastors, religious communities, and parishioners.

Based on CCS’s experience, but tailored to meet the needs of local communities, we provide:

Good Shepherd is a diverse, multicultural, and inclusive community. Offering parishioners materials in their own language respects their dignity and offers them the opportunity for full participation in parish life. While conducting a campaign, parish staff take on additional work while maintaining the vibrant life of the parish, so having a bilingual person to assist us is helpful to our office and parishioners. During our campaign, the bilingual CCS team were helpful in the feasibility study as well as implementing the campaign in both English and Spanish.

Claudia M. Fiebig, Pastoral Associate, Good Shepherd Catholic Church 

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At CCS, we understand the importance language and culture play in communities of faith. That is why we strive to create campaigns that are inclusive of the entire community.

Martin Camacho, CCS Senior Vice President
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Our consulting that tailors to languages and cultures

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Explore our Catholic partners with whom we have consulted in multiple language. Each entry includes the languages used in that project and total dollar amount raised.

By prioritizing DEI within our faith-based campaigns, our partners can see impact beyond dollars raised. Not only do our campaigns meet and exceed goal, but distinct communities are bridged, new relationships are formed, and unique perspectives are unlocked.

Danielle Shiv, CCS Senior Director