Situate your parish for success this spring with this four-week plan to help you prepare for digital and in-person fundraising this Easter.

On Ash Wednesday, Catholics worldwide will embark on a 40-day Lenten journey. This period of prayer, reflection, and fasting is also considered a time of almsgiving—a moment to reflect on one’s blessings and share one’s gifts and talents with the broader community.

Many parishes across the country have served as a lifeline to their local communities by spiritually nurturing parishioners and offering care and support services to those most in need. As the faithful answer God’s call to service and prepare for the mysteries of Holy Week, parishes will need to calibrate this year’s approach to fundraising to meet ongoing budgetary needs and thoughtfully prepare for the coming of Easter. This four-week plan will serve to help drive parish revenue, strengthen digital communities, and streamline your Holy Week communications strategy.


As many parishes navigate a hybrid virtual and in-person fundraising approach, it is essential to evaluate your modes of communication and develop a viable timeline in advance of Easter. Consider asking yourself the below questions to determine how you will disseminate information in the weeks ahead.

Parish Checklist:

To help drive parish revenue, make sure electronic giving links are prominent on your parish website. Can you find your e-giving link in 10 seconds or less? For parishioners that continue to use envelopes, provide clear mailing and drop off instructions on your parish website that align with your current safety protocols.


The pandemic has presented many costs for parishes as they continue to invest in technology to remain connected, pay the salaries of devoted personnel, and prioritize the sanitization of church property. It has also reinvigorated many spiritual communities and increased demand for parish programs. Consider developing a case for support to clearly articulate your parish’s financial needs during Lent and beyond.


Now that you have ensured your giving link is clearly displayed on your website and that your needs have been vetted and thoughtfully outlined, begin articulating your needs to the parish community through all relevant communication streams.

Make giving easy for parishioners! Tips to consider:


Offertory support is critical to funding vitally important parish programs, the upkeep of facilities, costs associated with technology, and other ongoing expenses. Remember to reinforce this call to action during Holy Week leading up to Easter Sunday. By implementing these best practices, you can achieve your fundraising goals and enrich your Easter celebration!