CCS’s Data Analytics services help nonprofits unlock the drivers of fundraising growth.

With CCS, your organization doesn’t have to choose between technical data expertise and in-the-field fundraising experience—our collaborative, team-based approach means you get both. Our in-house fundraising data analysts work side-by-side with project teams to ensure that our clients can activate the results of our analysis and achieve sustainable fundraising growth.  

Our fundraising data analytics solutions can help organizations in areas like: 

Prospect Identification

Common Questions:

  • Who are unassigned constituents in my CRM that have the potential to become major donors?
  • How can I optimize my major gift officers’ portfolios?
  • How should I be segmenting my donor database to conduct better outreach?

How CCS Analytics can help:

  • Predictive Modeling – producing and applying custom algorithms to identify which prospects are most likely to become major donors in the future 
  • RFM Analysis – segmenting and prioritizing donors based on donation, membership, and/or event history

Goal Setting

Common Questions:

  • How much money can we raise in our upcoming capital campaign?
  • How likely is it that we reach our annual appeal fundraising goal next year?

How CCS Analytics can help:

  • Scenario Generation – understanding fundraising potential in an array of hypothetical situations  
  • Monte Carlo Simulation – leveraging a probability simulation to reduce the uncertainty in campaign goal setting

fundraising performance

Common Questions: 

  • How is our fundraising department performing, and where can we do better? 
  • How is my organization performing compared to similar institutions? 

How CCS Analytics can help: 

  • Trend Analysis – deep analysis of historical fundraising data to understand trends and opportunities 
  • Major Gift Trajectory – finding patterns in the paths your major donors took to becoming top supporters 
  • Benchmarking – contextualizing your organization’s fundraising by comparing it to peer and aspirational peer institutions 


CCS’s in-house data analytics team can create bespoke analytics projects based on your organization’s unique needs. Contact our team to learn more about how CCS creates customized solutions for our nonprofit partners.

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