This report is a collaboration between CCS Fundraising and Koda Capital and explores endowment fundraising best practices for Australian educational institutions.

The front cover of the March 2023

For many school foundations and university councils, generating endowment capital is a top priority. Although there is a popular misconception that endowment funds are harder to raise than capital project funds due to the lack of tangible outcomes, endowments have long-term, positive effects on organizational programs and the people they serve.

While Australian fundraisers do face challenges in raising endowments, the education sector has seen success. Australian fundraisers can build upon this success by adopting the right mindset, dedicating resources, and utilizing best practice strategies.

CCS Fundraising is a strategic fundraising firm that partners with nonprofits around the world for transformational change.

Koda Capital is an independent investment governance advisor and endowment portfolio manager advising Australian secondary and tertiary education institutions.

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