Money follows mission.

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Money follows mission and fundraising is an essential part of elevating mission for all nonprofits. With over ten years’ experience in strategic fundraising, Kris expertly works with staff and volunteers to support their impactful missions. Kris thrives in volunteer engagement, partnership development, data-driven fundraising, and creating successful strategies to achieve stated objectives. Her analytical and organizational skills, coupled with her personability and passion for philanthropy, make her a favorite among CCS client partners, executives, staff, and volunteers. Throughout her career, Kris has worked on campaigns that have raised well over one hundred million dollars.

Kris serves as the Strategic Plan Manager for the Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning where she is helping manage an $11,000,000 transformative effort. She also provides Board and prospect strategy support to YWCA USA. She also completed strategic benchmarking projects for the University of Miami and Loyola University of Maryland. She has served as Executive Counsel on the campaign for KIPP: Baltimore and numerous engagements for Episcopal parishes. In 2022 she served as Chief of Staff for Inova Health Foundation, helping establish protocols and procedures for their fundraising function. She has worked with numerous clients to create and deploy strategic planning efforts through analytics, research, and fundraising.

Previously, Kris led highly successful campaigns for clients throughout The Episcopal Church. She was Campaign Director at Seminary of the Southwest for over three years where she worked in partnership with a six-member staff and 115 volunteers to help fulfill the ambitious national campaign. The effort brought in numerous new donors, some of whom provided significant leadership gifts, and several seven-figure donors doubled their commitments. Kris also conducted a successful Annual Fund Assessment and assisted with the implementation, resulting in an unprecedented 34% year-on-year increase in funds raised.

Kris serves on the Board of Directors of the Association of Fundraising Professionals – DC Chapter (Washington, DC) where she is Chair of the Education Committee. She also serves as Co-Chair of Education for the Bridge Conference (2024). She previously served on the Board of Directors for the Union Meeting Hall (Ferrisburgh, VT).

select client partners

  • Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning
  • Champion Institute
  • Creative Learning Academy
  • Hagerstown Community College
  • Inova Health System
  • KIPP: Baltimore
  • Loyola University of Maryland
  • National Museum of Bermuda
  • Oberlin College & Conservatory
  • Seminary of the Southwest
  • St. David’s Episcopal Church
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
  • University of Maryland Medical System
  • University of Miami

Washington, DC

1667 K Street NW
Suite 210
Washington, DC 20006

(202) 628-4402


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