The NWFH engaged CCS to run a feasibility study, help hire leadership, reengage past inductees, and enhance exposure to support NWHF’s ongoing work to empower women since 1969. 

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Based in: Seneca Falls, NY, Northeast US, United States

Sector: Arts & Culture

Reach: National

Key Elements

  • CCS helped the National Women’s Hall of Fame (NWHF) transition from a volunteer-led board to a more sophisticated structure, focusing on campaign viability, leadership hiring, and national prominence. 
  • Through a feasibility study and campaign management, NWHF significantly increased its fundraising capacity to 200% more than the previous year. 
  • CCS implemented a comprehensive development operation, major gifts program, and revised partnership structure, transitioning from event-specific funding to yearlong partnerships, enhancing the organization’s sustainability. 
  • The partnership resulted in increased national exposure, program expansion to reach global audiences, relocation of the Induction Ceremony to New York City, and re-engagement of inductees, contributing to NWHF’s ongoing impact on women’s recognition and empowerment. 

The National Women’s Hall of Fame is proud to partner with CCS Fundraising to engage every generation in celebrating the achievements of women who change the world. Our Board and staff are so grateful to CCS for its steadfast leadership and guidance as our organization grew leaps and bounds over the past four years and ignited a foundation of donors who carry forward the important work to promote gender equity through action, education, and storytelling.

jennifer gabriel, ceo, national women’s hall of fame


The National Women’s Hall of Fame (NWHF) sought CCS Fundraising’s help sophisticating their board from a volunteer board, testing a campaign’s viability, hiring a new CEO and director of development, and bolstering its national prominence—but the NWHF board didn’t know where to start.   


CCS first ran a feasibility study and then moved into campaign management. The campaign’s principal phase focused on capacity and team building, aligning the board, hiring the new CEO, with whom we worked for nine months, and fundraising. NWHF went from raising $200,000 annually to raising an initial $5 million. Before our engagement, NWHF primarily relied on event income, $25,000 and below board gifts, and annual fund gifts. We focused on building out a full development operation, a major gifts program, and resourcing the board and CEO to advance conversations with prospects capable of six-figure gifts. This work also included revising NWHF’s partnership structure. What was previously event-specific evolved into yearlong partnerships like what other nationally recognized organizations and brands offer.   

To evolve the NWHF away from its volunteer-run and volunteer-led history, CCS also worked to hire the organization’s first CEO and a development team and implement fundraising systems and tools, such as database conversion and formal giving policies.   

THE impact

Our work with NWHF helped set forth the path of national exposure and recognition. Through our partnership, the NWHF hired CEO Jennifer Gabriel to lead the organization, and we successfully brought American women’s incredible stories and achievements to more people than ever before.The NWHF’s historical mill building is undergoing capital renovation, the NWHF’s hybrid programming is reaching global audiences, and the 2024 Induction Ceremony went from being held locally in Seneca Falls to being held in New York City. CCS also contributed to the re-engagement of Secretary Hillary Clinton (2005 inductee) to NWHF following a successful feasibility briefing and interview. In 2022, Secretary Clinton served as the Honorary Induction Chair and continues to serve Jen as a key thought partner.   

We’re proud of our growing engagement and the impact NWHF will have on women of this generation and those to come.   

Featured Team Member

Catalyzing the transformation of the National Women’s Hall of Fame was a testament to the power of partnership and the empowerment of incredible leaders. The organization’s determination, coupled with CCS’s operational expertise, empowered NWHF leaders and volunteers to bring their programming and building to life, igniting a beacon of inspiration for generations to come. This journey wasn’t just about achieving milestones; it was about amplifying voices, celebrating legacies, and profoundly impacting our collective narrative of equality and recognition. It stands as one of the most rewarding experiences and a career highlight.

rachel keir, vice president, CCS Fundraising
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