CCS Fundraising helped Saints Peter & Paul Parish and School raise $20M through their A Sacred Vision campaign, allowing them to build a new campus expanding opportunities for students, parishioners, volunteers, ministries, and groups.

The Saints Peter and Paul Parish and School community celebrates the opening of their new campus.

Based in: Easton, MD, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast US, United States

Sector: Faith, Catholic, Primary and Secondary Education

Reach: Local

Key Elements

  • CCS worked with Saints Peter & Paul leadership to create custom prospect engagement strategies that led to several six- and seven-figure gifts, including gifts from individuals who had never donated before.
  • Saints Peter & Paul Parish and School’s A Sacred Vision campaign exceeded its goal by raising over $20 million.

How We Helped

I have been a part of a number of capital campaigns in my over 28 years of priesthood, but this one was beyond belief. With the assistance of CCS, we conducted A Sacred Vision— a parish-based campaign during which we raised over $20 million in the midst of the global pandemic. Unbelievable! I cannot say enough good about CCS and how they helped to make this possible. Their dedication and tenacity as well as their concern for our parishioners in a difficult time was inspiring. I wholeheartedly recommend CCS and would definitely use them again if I am called on to conduct another campaign.

Father James Nash, Pastor, Saints Peter & Paul Parish and School

Saints Peter & Paul Parish and School is a dynamic Catholic community on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, comprised of three churches, an elementary school, and a high school. The community is dedicated to strengthening the Catholic faith of its parishioners and the spiritual values of its students while teaching an understanding of our world. The parish serves thousands of parishioners and hundreds of students every year.

the challenge

With a goal of providing the best possible experiences for parishioners and students, Saints Peter & Paul has long held plans to build a dedicated gathering space for the parish community and a new campus for the high school. Following a period of planning and discussion, the leadership of Saints Peter & Paul embarked on an ambitious capital campaign to help fulfill this vision. The A Sacred Vision campaign, with a minimum goal of $18 million, was the largest such single endeavor in the Diocese of Wilmington. Saints Peter & Paul partnered with CCS Fundraising to assist with this historic campaign and ensure its success.

the solution

Together with Saints Peter & Paul, CCS crafted and executed a multi-year campaign plan that would engage the various stakeholders of both the parish and school communities. Key to the campaign’s success was the goal to relay the need in as personal a manner as possible to as many individuals and families as possible. With CCS’s guidance, leadership, staff, volunteers, and friends met with parishioners, parents, and community members to explain the need personally and answer questions directly. This helped develop significant momentum for the campaign in its early stages before a broader public effort.

the impact

Over the course of a two-year partnership, the A Sacred Vision campaign received the highest gifts ever from the Parish community, including various gifts of $1 million and more. With the campaign raising a total of $20 million, Saints Peter & Paul embarked on the planned construction in earnest. The new campus includes a modern, state-of-the-art high school building, complete with athletic fields, and is located near Saints Peter & Paul Church. The new space will help foster greater aptitude for science and technology and provide greater opportunities in music, the arts, and athletics. Similarly, the Family Life Center, more than just a parish hall, will foster expanded opportunities for parishioners, volunteers, ministries, and groups to connect and grow.

Featured Team Member

It has been an absolute honor to work with the leadership, staff, and volunteers at Saints Peter & Paul. Their dedication to the community is demonstrated every day through their tireless work and commitment, and CCS is proud to have helped fulfill a long-term vision that enables better experiences for students and parishioners alike.

Rafal Sokol, Vice President, CCS Fundraising
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