We are invited to partner with leading non-profits as they embark on initiatives that are perhaps the largest in the organization’s history. The opportunity is invigorating, and our people feel privileged to share the experience.

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During his 20 years with CCS, Brad has designed and directed fundraising campaigns that have raised more than $1 billion. He is thought leader in the religious sector and a mentor to hundreds of current and former CCS employees and prides himself on his collaborative approach to campaign management. Brad also developed and managed CCS’s SECURE work for communication and offertory engagement during 2020 with the parishes of the Arch/Dioceses of Tulsa, Columbus, Toledo, Denver, El Paso, and Mobile.

With an expertise in the management of large, volunteer led, multi-organizational campaigns, Brad is a strategist, an educator, a partner, a mentor, and a storyteller. He will partner with your organization to help you build a campaign that transitions your vision into reality.

Brad received his B.A. from Indiana University. He resides in Austin, Texas, where he recently completed CCS’, and his, second diocesan-wide campaign with the Diocese of Austin.

select client partners

  • Archdiocese of Chicago
  • University of the South, Sewanee
  • Diocese of Austin (2)


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Featured Projects

Archdiocese of Chicago

Central U.S.

CCS partnered with the Archdiocese of Chicago on multiple facets of its stewardship and development efforts, including reinvigorating the To Teach Who Christ Is campaign to become the most financially successful diocesan campaign in history.

Featured Insights


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April 3, 2020

The CCS Philanthropy Pulse: What Does the Data Say and What Does it Mean for Religious Institutions?

How are religious institutions approaching fundraising this year? And how does it differ from years past? View this webinar recording to discover key findings from a recent survey of nearly 100 religious organizations.

Spring 2022

Catholic Fundraising Video Series: Perspectives on Stewardship in a Digital World

Tune in to CCS Fundraising and #iGiveCatholic’s three-part video series featuring engaging conversations with dioceses, parishes, and schools to hear firsthand how these organizations have navigated stewardship in a digital world.

June 10, 2021