Learn how to measure affiliation through RFM analysis in this presentation by CCS Fundraising’s Data Analytics team and Hagerstown Community College’s Senior Director of College Advancement Dr. Ashley Whaley.

Measure affiliation with a Recency, Frequency, Monetary (RFM) score in seconds. In this webinar tutorial, CCS Fundraising Data Analytics Team members Jess and Jacob go through the step-by-step process of using a traditional RFM score to find prospects who have demonstrated a meaningful affinity. Learn how to overlay these scores with an RFM+ approach which beyond the standard philanthropic indicators to measure additional types of engagement and affinity, such as event attendance and membership data. You will discover how to use wealth screening results to identify prospects with a strong capacity that are giving to similar organizations. Senior Director of College Advancement Dr. Ashley Whaley demonstrates the impact that RFM scores and wealth screening had on Hagerstown Community College‘s fundraising campaign.


Dr. Ashley Whaley

Dr. Ashley Whaley

Senior Director of College Advancement

Hagerstown Community College
Jacob Greenstine

Jacob Greenstine

Data Analyst

Jessica Roberts

Jessica Roberts

Vice President, Data Analytics

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