Custom GPTs for Fundraising: A Nonprofit Guide

Learn about Custom Generative Pre-Trained Transformers (GPTs), their application in fundraising, and how you can harness their capabilities to streamline your fundraising efforts and forge deeper connections with donors.

Ashutosh R. Nandeshwar

Data has excellent power to guide us in making sound decisions. I enjoy learning from data and providing recommendations to help organizations become better.

2023 Philanthropic Landscape, 12th Edition

Featuring essential philanthropic research from all major sources in the industry, this exclusive report examines key themes in American philanthropy and the latest data on giving by US individuals, foundations, and corporations.

AI in Fundraising

Elevate your nonprofit’s fundraising strategies with artificial intelligence (AI)! CCS’s newest thought leadership provides valuable insights, strategies, and tools to propel your organization and achieve unprecedented mission success.