Strengthen your fundraising strategy this year and next with this data-driven publication, revealing predictive insights for the philanthropic sector in the years ahead.

CCS Fundraising is excited to share The Philanthropy Outlook 2024 & 2025 report. This publication, researched and written by the IU Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, forecasts the giving environment of the next few years, focusing on the notable trends nonprofit practitioners will likely see in the space. In addition to exploring the economic variables impacting philanthropy, this data-driven report projects total giving and giving by all four donor sources, including households, foundations, estates, and corporations.

The cover page of The Philanthropy Outlook 2024 & 2025, which includes an image of person looking confidently ahead in an urban landscape.

Most notably, the study found that charitable giving is expected to grow in 2024 and 2025—both overall and for each source:

For an engaging discussion on takeaways from the report with esteemed industry panelists in finance, nonprofit fundraising, and philanthropy, explore our Philanthropy and Economic Outlook webinar.

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