Working hand in hand with nonprofit leaders to achieve seemingly unfeasible fundraising goals is the most rewarding experience.

Will joined CCS in 2015 when he learned the impact CCS can have on nonprofits. Will has spent the majority of his CCS career in Western New York, guiding nonprofits with their campaigns to further their mission. His expertise includes feasibility and planning studies; capital and endowment campaigns; major donor programs; principal gift solicitation strategies; and volunteer management.

Will’s passion for philanthropy stems from a growing movement called effective altruism, combining the heart and the mind to determine the most effective ways to do the most good.

Will grew up in Rochester, NY and currently resides in Buffalo, NY. Will is currently guiding OLV Charities through their most ambitious campaign yet.

select client partners

  • The T1D Fund
  • BISON Children’s Scholarship Fund
  • Christian Brothers Academy, Syracuse


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Suite 306
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